How to Earn Extra Pocket Money as a Student

//How to Earn Extra Pocket Money as a Student

How to Earn Extra Pocket Money as a Student

Alright, you’re halfway through your semester, funds are running at an all-time-low, and you’re trying your best to avoid being that broke student everybody always claims they are… Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Luckily, whether on or off campus, there are many different ways to bring in extra cash without compromising your grades! All you need is the power of technology, creative thinking, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

So, how do you make money in uni?

1. Get paid to be the school mascot

Do you have the sort of enthusiasm that could hype up a whole stadium, but don’t exactly have an outlet for release? Why not pick up a part-time gig as your school’s mascot? Even if you’re not quite the athlete yourself, as the mascot you’ll get the chance to attend all sorts of events, from swim meets to football games!

2. Become a teacher’s assistant

If you’ve impressed your professors with your high academic standing, consider becoming a teacher’s assistant to earn some extra cash on campus. Tasks could include grading assignments and exam papers, helping with research, or carrying out administrative tasks for the class. Speak to your professors to find out more!

3. Do some part-time tutoring

While you might excel in a particular subject, chances are other students might need a little extra help. Sunway University, for example, offers peer-assisted courses, where you can get paid about RM7.50/hour to work with other students as a tutor. Some students might also be willing to pay for private tutoring lessons too. Rates? Negotiable!

4. Work at campus cafés

Most campuses have their own on-campus cafés (read: part-time employment opportunities!).

If you’re a student at Sunway University, check out Starbucks and The Lunch Box for an opportunity to work in between classes or during your free time. #lifeasaparttimebarista

5. Drive for Grab

You have a driver’s license, a decent car, and you think you got what it takes to become a Grab driver? Have a go at it! Besides earning extra cash, it’s a good platform to brush up on your soft skills as you meet new people along the ride. Who knows, one of them could be your future employer!

6. Sell your pre-loved items

Don’t just throw out things that no longer spark joy. Make some money while you #KonMari your life! Consider putting your pre-loved items on Carousell or Instagram, or better yet, free pop-up booth on campus. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, remember.

7. Sell your notes & old textbooks

Students spend an absurd amount of money on textbooks each semester… But when the semester is over, and you’re moving forward in your studies, you’re left with a stack of books you’ll most likely never open again.

Instead of letting them collect dust on your bookshelf, why not sell them? For all you know, it might help other students who are in need. #angel

Bundle it up with your notes or study guides, i.e. only if you have a nice handwriting and comprehensible notes. DUH.

8. Freelance

Think about a skill or talent that you already have – writing, crafting copy for social media, translating, designing, etc and start looking for opportunities.

Let’s agree that being a student certainly isn’t cheap – especially with all the student loans that you need to take to pay off your tuition fees and the ever-rising costs of living.

But it doesn’t have to be that bad! As of 2018, the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation has awarded more than RM 400 million in scholarships and education funds to thousands of deserving students in various fields of study. Sunway University also offers over 20 types of scholarships for both prospective and current students.

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While you’re at it, application for the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation – Sunway Group Scholarship is now open! This scholarship offers an opportunity for Malaysian students to pursue their tertiary education in their preferred universities.

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