The Chinese believe that starting the new year on the right foot is important because it sets the potential for the upcoming year. That’s why with Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s time to start prepping to ensure as much good fortune as possible will be received during the celebration.

Let’s jump in and get ready for a joyous CNY celebration!


Clean The House

Get started with some spring cleaning! After all, CNY is a celebration of the coming of Spring. Start the year fresh with a nice, clean home, but remember to do all the cleaning BEFORE the new year. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times from Poh Poh and Ah Kong that sweeping during CNY is akin to sweeping all your ong right out the door! You don’t want to be doing any cutting during CNY either, so keep those scissors and knives far, far away!


Put Up Decorations

Hakka Heritage Celebration at Sunway Pyramid

Decorate the home for optimal feng shui. Hang lanterns and red banners adorned with Chinese calligraphy all around the house to usher in prosperity for the new year. For even more luck and blessings, don’t forget to hang the character 福 (fu) UPSIDE DOWN on your front door, meaning “good fortune has arrived”. In Chinese, “arrive” and “upside down” share the same pronunciation – dao.


Shop For New Clothes

Credits: H&M

New year, new clothes… Am I right? New clothes symbolise new beginnings, so if you’re looking for any excuse to go shopping and treat yourselves, this is it! Not sure where to go? Just head to Sunway Pyramid. When you’re planning those CNY outfits, remember to go for bright colours, preferably red, so that you can invite all the joy and good fortune into the new year. Pssttt… If red just isn’t your colour, a pair of red underwear would do too. 


Get Your Hair & Nails Done

Everyone wants to look their absolute best for all the visits and celebrations, but remember, cutting anything during CNY is a big no-no and that includes your hair and nails! If you want to get a new hairstyle or colour your nails, make sure you do so BEFORE the new year arrives. You can consider making an appointment at some of these salons before their slots fill up for CNY.

Sunway Pyramid: A Cut Above, A-Saloon, Apt Hair Gallery, GEM Studio, Gent’s Cut, Hair Fonts, Nail Artz, JJ Nail Studio, De Lacq Nails, A&Co Hair & Nail Salon.

Sunway GEO Avenue: ATO Hair Saloon, The Haircialist Salon, SOM.C Hair Salon, Polish Me Pretty Nails & Spa, WS Hair Salon


Stock Up The Pantry

Nothing brings people together better than food, so it’s good to have your pantries filled with CNY cookies, snacks and drinks to welcome family, friends and guests. Care for some Bak Kwa? It’s one of the staple snacks everyone looks forward to during CNY! We’ve got high quality barbecued meat and meat floss at Loong Kee and Bee Cheng Hiang here in Sunway Pyramid.


Prepare Ang Pows & Hampers

Hong Bao Na Lai! Following age-old traditions, senior folks and married couples should remember to prepare red packets filled with crisp new notes to give away to the younger generation when they wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai. Hampers are popular gifts during CNY as well, and they’re usually full of food items, traditional herbal medicine, snacks, tea, fruits or alcoholic drinks.

If you’re looking for something special for your loved ones, colleagues, clients or friends, you can find a wide variety of hampers in Sunway Pyramid from Lo Hong Ka, Eu Yan Sang, Effective Herbs, Marks & Spencer, BMS Organics or The Legend Of Tea.


Get Ready For A Feast

The reunion dinner, on the eve of CNY, is one of the most important feasts of the year. For those planning to cook up a grand dinner at home this CNY, don’t forget the Yee Sang! The Resort Café offers a selection of prosperous Yee Sang for you to tapau home, available from 21 Jan – 19 Feb 2019.

Don’t forget that your menu should be filled with lots of auspicious food to shower luck, wealth and success on the family, so remember to have plenty of yu (fish) on the table as well! In Chinese, fish sounds like ‘surplus’ and connotes abundance.


Book Your Family Dinners


If you’re not in the mood to cook up a feast for the whole family this year, Sunway Pyramid has plenty of Chinese restaurants that offer special menus for CNY. Enjoy a warm sit-down dinner with the family at PUTIEN, Dragon-i, Canton-i, Fong Lye, Esquire Kitchen, Souper Tang or Din Tai Fung.

Grand Imperial Restaurant in Sunway Pinnacle is also a popular choice during CNY. Otherwise, check out The Resort Café’s Winds of Prosperity Buffet Offerings and Auspicious Set Menus, available from 21 Jan – 19 Feb 2019 (Enjoy 25% off when you book now and confirm your seats before 20 Jan 2019)!

There’s plenty to take care of before CNY comes, but luckily, you can get just about anything you need from Sunway City Kuala Lumpur. Now, that’s what we call all-in-one convenience!

Happy prepping… And Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!

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