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You don’t have to be soaking wet to have fun

Apache Pots The Apache Pots go round and round and round and round! A family having fun on the Apache Pots Wagon Wheel The Wagon Wheel beckons everyone of all ages to hop on an enjoy a breezy ride while enjoying the colourful surroundings of Sunway Lagoon! Wagon Wheel near the park entrance Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Amusement Park Also check out

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Jollies aplenty to keep your family entertained!

Carousel Remember when was your last ride on a carousel? Do the sights of brightly decorated circle, rotating platform with lights, paintings and animals come to mind? A carousel is the perfect first ride that parents could treat their children to! Give them an enjoyable experience and memories filled with vibrant and fun images and catchy tunes! Parents are accompanying their kids on the carousel. The merry-go-round contains a melting pot of animals such as horses, elephants and swans for your children to choose from as they get to ride on their favourite animal! Fun World For those who would rather have their feet planted on the ground, test your luck (or even skill) at Sunway Lagoon’s Fun World to stand a chance to win cool prizes from the game stalls Colourful games stalls await you at Fun World! Choose from Stick-A-Card, Ring Bottle targets and many more. Just head over to Fun World to keep your family entertained or bring the child out in you! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Amusement Park Also check out

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A spine-chilling ride!

Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned roller coaster ride?! This is one of the first rides you’ll stumble upon as you enter the main entrance of Sunway Lagoon! Get your heart pumping by hopping on the Lost City of Gold Scream Roller Coaster! Kick-start your lagoon adventure on a roller coaster! Life is like a roller coaster – buckle up and just enjoy the ride! This roller coaster offers the perfect dosage to excite and kick start your theme park adventure. The 1 minute and 45 seconds will carry passengers up, down and twirl around in fast motion. Some parts of the ride will bring riders into totally dark tunnels to add to the adrenaline rush! Who’s ready for an adventure? Hands up! Note: 1.4 metres height requirement for this ride. Xpress Lane is available for those who can’t wait to hop on! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Amusement Park Also check out

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Topsy-turvy and round and round!

Tomahawk Spin yourself dizzy on our well-known high-speed rotating rides. The Tomahawk, named after the infamous hand weapon used by the Native Americans, is also known for its lightning quick swing speed! Passengers in the Tomahawk are in for 360-degree spin resembling the quick swing of the Native American weapon – so hang on tight! This heart-pumping ride will leave you hanging upside down on air for a few seconds (which feels like forever, really), leaving you breathless. Hold on to your harness as you spin 360 degrees in fast motion! Pirate’s Revenge The next ride may look similar to the Tomahawk, but it’s a completely different scenario. The Viking ship uses acceleration like a pendulum as it swings slowly, gaining momentum, swinging faster and higher into the sky! A view of Pirate’s Revenge ship stopping mid-air. This pirate’s revenge ship will swing 24-metres above ground! Scream your lungs out as the ship stops mid-air as you dangle upside down! Note: Both rides require passengers to be at least 1.4 metres in height. Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Amusement Park Also check out

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Malaysia’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge

Suspension Bridge Set foot on this 428 metres long suspension bridge made of solid wood and metal grid. Enjoy breathtaking views of the theme park, watch ant-sized people below at the Surf Beach, catch a bungee jump or look up to see people zip-lining across on the Flying Fox! You wouldn’t imagine that this was once a former tin mining site! Take a walk down memory lane at Sunway Lagoon’s best viewpoint and immerse yourself in this amazing view. There’s just something unique about how a pedestrian bridge complements its surroundings. Time to get over your fear of heights! Capture the best shots while feeling on top of the world! This suspension bridge links one end of the lagoon to the other – the water park and the lost lagoon park. You can either take the escalator from the Wildlife Park or test your stamina by using the stairs at the other end near Lost Lagoon Park. Strike your best pose on the suspension bridge! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Amusement Park Also check out

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