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Unleash Your Inner Chocoholic This World Chocolate Day Within Sunway City Kuala Lumpur!

Dear dessert enthusiasts, did you know that World Chocolate Day falls on 7 July every year? Yes, you read that right! For one day a year, we stand together in guilt-free appreciation of all things cacao! Fun fact: World Chocolate Day commemorates the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550. Prior to its days as a crowd-puller, access to cacao beans was limited to its specific regions of origin – southern North America and Central America, up till its discovery by foreign explorers who then introduced it to the world. From then on, delicious varieties of cocoa-based dishes were invented all over the globe. In honour of this amazing discovery that some might not be able to live without today (not exaggerated), World Chocolate Day was announced worldwide. Can you resist this chocolatey goodness of brownies with ice-cream?Credit: Unsplash Contrary to popular beliefs, chocolate does not merit its bad rep today. In fact, it carries antibacterial properties as eating pure cocoa has been shown to prevent tooth decay. Sign us up to be the ambassador of chocolate-flavoured toothpaste! Besides, the mere scent of chocolate does wonders by signalling our brains to relax – perhaps a cue for us to build a chocolate stash at our workplace. A study conducted also revealed that chocolate scents diffused in bookstores effectively resulted in an increase in sales, especially in the romance genre! How lovely! Chocolate desserts never tasted so good.Credit: Shutterstock With a variety of chocolates available – from milk, dark to white, what are your favourite chocolate desserts to drool over? 01 If Milk Chocolate is your pick, you’re a go-with-the-flow type of person who has a lot of friends and you’re someone who can comfort them. Milk chocolate goes well with everything – just like you! 02 If your go-to is Dark Chocolate, you have a firm personality – someone who always stands up for what they believe in and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Dark chocolate goodies for those who love a challenge.Credit: Unsplash 03 Loving White Chocolate indicates that you’re an adventurous person who is always up for something new. Going “nuts” for white chocolate.Credit: Unsplash 04 Crazy for Chocolate Fondue? You’re definitely a fun person to be with! People always want to be around you because of your positive energy. Marshmallows and chocolate fondue are the perfect match.Credit: Shutterstock 05 Hot Chocolate is for those who value relaxation. You’re likely the type to take self-care seriously and appreciate the fancier things in life. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as an act of self-love!Credit: Unsplash 06 People who love Chocolate Chips enjoy meeting new people. You’re that person who is always seen at parties, embodying the phrase, “the more, the merrier.” There’s no such thing as too many chocolate chips!Credit: Unsplash 07 If your choice of dessert is Chocolate Ice-Cream, you’re likely one to have a lot of hobbies. You tend to keep busy and are on a constant lookout for what you can do next. Grab a [...]

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Five Coffee Spots in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur for Your Caffeine Fix

Are you in need of coffee to power through the day? Fret not, Sunway City Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) has plenty of coffee spots for you to grab-and-go or chill at. We have picked out five local coffee spots for your daily cuppa. Grab a bite and take some OOTD shots for the Gram while you’re at it! 01 Starbucks Reserve Starbucks Reserve Sunway Pyramid outlet Starbucks is no stranger to us – but have you guys heard of Starbucks Reserve? The Reserve stores provide a rare, boundary-pushing selection of coffees brewed through a myriad techniques like Chemex, pour-over, Siphon and more, as compared to the typical Starbucks stops. Sunway Pyramid is home to one of these Starbucks Reserve! Designed with sophistication in mind – the iconic brown and black theme exudes a chill and classy ambience, perfect for anyone looking to work remotely surrounded by the heavenly aroma of fresh coffee. The staff are also congenial, creating an overall great environment for customers. Starbucks Reserve’s Apam Balik Cake, Gula Melaka Lava Cake and Vanilla Latte One of their signature drinks – the Reserve Vanilla Latte – an absolute treat for vanilla fans and sweet tooths. They also serve a delectable and eccentric selection of desserts, including a rendition of Malaysians’ all-time favourite apam balik in the form of a cake! Creamy and moist, it possess the luxurious texture that melts in your mouth. Another dessert worth noting is the Gula Melaka Lava Cake, topped with toasted coconut flakes, giving off a vibrant flavour profile. When cut open, a stream of gula melaka flows out elegantly – so get your phones ready to capture the mouth-watering sight! Address: Lot G1.129, OB3.G.1 & OB3.G.2, Ground Floor, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 47500, Selangor. Contact: +603 5611 4875Opening Hours: 10AM to 10PM dailyFacebook | Instagram 02 Jardin Coffee & Tea Jardin Coffee & Tea Sunway Pyramid outlet The first among the kiosks of Jardin Coffee & Tea is right here in Sunway Pyramid. Replicating the ambience of Parisian streets, this kiosk has a chic interior surrounded by (faux) plants aplenty – true to its name which translates to “garden” in French. With great service, high quality and a cozy ambience, Jardin Coffee & Tea is sprinkled with intricate Parisian decorations, transporting you to the City of Love when you enjoy a cuppa here. Jardin Coffee & Tea’s Club Chicken Ham Toast and Hazelnut Latte This quaint café serves an array of warm meals, desserts, pastries as well as premium artisan coffee. If you’re looking for variations of lattes to spice things up, this is the right place for you – explore the likes of Hazelnut Latte, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, and more to pair with their star entrée,the Club Chicken Ham Toast. The Toast features generous portion of chicken and ham sandwiched between toasted brioche, topped with a side of salad and orange dressing, which will surely leave you feeling satisfied. In addition, their burnt cheesecake is exceedingly decadent, creamy and moist [...]

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From New York to Sunway City Kuala Lumpur: Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes to open its first outlet in Malaysia!

Bring your heartiest appetite – to Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes, expected to open its doors at Sunway Resort in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur by the end of 2022! Originating from New York, Black Tap promises extravaganza with its over-the-top burgers and shakes that screams “sweetness overload”! Backed with a host of coveted awards such as the “People’s Choice Award” (2015-2017) and “Judges Choice Award” (2020 and 2021) at the New York City Wine and Food Festival’s Burger Bash, Black Tap establishes itself internationally in Bahrain, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Globally acclaimed, the restaurant at Sunway Resort will be their first in Malaysia. Back to their extravagant menu, here’s a sneak peek that’s sure to make you drool! Juicy and delicious – perfect description of great burgers! Photo Credit: Black Tap/ Sunway Resort Anticipate some of the juiciest, cheesiest, most delicious award-winning burgers served on lightly grilled buns to get you eating like a champ! What better way to enjoy milkshakes than with cookies?Photo Credit: Black Tap/ Sunway Resort Chow down those amazing burgers with Black Tap’s mouth-watering milkshakes! Their global bestseller, the cookie shake is a must-try! Topped with chunky cookies, cookie crumbs, whipped cream, chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle - It’s a dream for chocolate lovers! Every day is your birthday when you have cake shakes! Photo Credit: Black Tap/ Sunway Resort If you’re more of the “let ‘em eat cake” kind of person, then look out for their famous cake shake! This decadent shake provides you a generous dose of vanilla frosted rim with rainbow sprinkles topped with a slice of luscious cake, cherry and whipped cream - this milkshake is sure to bring all the boys to the yard! Aligned with Sunway Resort’s ‘once-in-a-generation transformation’ where guests are promised exceptional experiences, the restaurant will be located at the lobby level of the hotel next to The Resort Cafe. Follow us closely at our social media (Facebook & Instagram)for any updates! You might also enjoy these Also check out

From New York to Sunway City Kuala Lumpur: Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes to open its first outlet in Malaysia!2022-04-15T10:58:06+08:00

11 Must-Try Dessert Spots at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur

Sweet treats on your cheat day or a pick-me-up after a gloomy morning? No matter the mood or ocassion, there’s always room for desserts! From irresistible cakes to mouth-watering ice-creams, it’s always sweet sunshine and rainbows here at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur! 01 Ludwig, Sunway Pyramid Inspired by soft serve ice-creams in Australia, Ludwig is on a mission to add happiness to everything they serve! Check out their unique selections of waffles, doughnuts and luscious ice cream for a positive pick-me-up! Signature Desserts @ Ludwig Chocolate Banana Waffle Banana, ice-cream and waffles – the heavenly three-combination dessert is here to stay! Loved by many, the chocolate banana waffle also comes with appetising cocoa crumbs - how can you say no to that? Guaranteed to keep you full and happy!Photo Credit: KL Foodie Pistachio Flavour Originating from Iran, this special flavour contains real pistachio that are both nutritious and healthy! Treat a friend to a Pistachio soft serve!Photo Credit: Ludwig Softserve on Facebook Address: LG2.08A, Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Sunway City, 47500, Selangor (view map)Operation Hours: 10am - 10pmTel: +6016 551 3067Website: 02 Inside Scoop, Sunway Pyramid We have the inside scoop (no pun intended) that this place serves some of the smoothest, most irresistible ice creams ever - made with premium ingredients! A local favourite, Inside Scoop combines domestic and international flavours fit for different taste buds. Signature Flavours @ Inside Scoop Durian Ice Cream Known as Inside Scoop’s very first creation, the eccentric durian ice-cream remains one of their bestsellers! For enthusiasts of the “king of fruits”, get your hands on this very flavour when you visit! It’s almost like the real thing!Photo Credit: Inside Scoop on Facebook Caramel Biscuit Ice Cream As Lotus Biscoff is taking the dessert industry by storm for its crunchy caramelised biscuits, it’s worth a try in your ice-cream! Another crowd pleaser, this flavour consists of salt caramel base topped with bits of Biscoff biscuits. A perfect blend of salt and sweet, this flavour is a must-try! Photo Credit: Inside Scoop on Facebook Address: Lot LG1.33C, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (view map)Operation Hours: 10am - 10pmTel: +603 5613 4735Website: 03 Bawangchaji, Sunway Pyramid Calling all tea lovers - this place may just be your… Cup of tea! With the aim to resuscitate the Chinese tea culture, Bawangchaji provides high-quality drinks made with original tea leaves. From traditional teas to milk teas, there’s everything for everyone! Signature Drinks @ Bawangchaji Tie Guan Yin Milk Bawangchaji’s bestseller, Tie Guan Yin Milk is ideal for oolong tea fans! Combining the tea’s bright fragrance with a rich, creamy flavour, this drink is guaranteed to quench your thirst with its refreshing taste! Satisfaction with each sip!Photo Credit: Bawangchaji on Facebook Jasmine Green Milk Tea If you’re more of a green tea person, check out their jasmine green tea! Its earthy taste with a hint of milk is bound to surprise you! [...]

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10 Best Restaurants with Malaysian Delicacies at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur

If you’re craving for authentic Malaysian delicacies, Sunway City Kuala Lumpur has everything covered! From delectable delights like the chicken rice to mouth-watering kuih-muih #TheOnlyWayIsSunway! 01 Bungkus Kaw Kaw, Sunway Pyramid Derived from the Malay word “bungkus” (take away) and Hokkien word “kaw” (thick), Bungkus Kaw Kaw is as Malaysian as it gets! Expect a diverse range of flavourful local cuisines - nasi lemak, loh mai kai, roti bakar, kuih muih and more! For Malaysians wanting to relive the vibes of kopitiam, traditional drinks like teh tarik and cham are packed the “ikat tepi” way - How Malaysian is that? Everything is Kaw when you’re at Bungkus Kaw Kaw!Photo Credit: Bungkus Kaw Kaw on Facebook Malaysia’s national dish – Nasi Lemak is a must-try!Photo Credit: Bungkus Kaw Kaw on Facebook Address: Sunway Pyramid, Lot 2.75A Level LG2, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor (view map)Operation Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily) 02 Madam Kwan’s, Sunway Pyramid Madam Kwan’s is a mainstay among Malaysians for over 23 years, which is testament to how amazing their food is! As an enthusiastic foodie herself, Madam Kwan brings different cultures together to create unique Malaysian delicacies! From nasi bojari, petai fried rice to mushroom chicken rice, you will be promised scrumptious local cuisines. Nasi Bojari - Madam Kwan’s famous tri-coloured rice is a must-try!Photo Credit: Madam Kwan’s on Facebook Address: Lot 1.47, Lower Ground 1 Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (view map)Operation Hours: 11am - 10pmTel: +603 5622 2397 Website: 03 D’Laksa, Sunway Pyramid Craving for authentic Penang laksa? Choose from traditional assam laksa, assam lobsterball, assam fish ball and finish off with mouth-watering fruit rojak, only at D’Laksa! With different varieties, you’ll never get bored of Laksa!Photo Credit: D’Laksa Malaysia on Facebook Address: Sunway Pyramid, Lot G01-G05 Level LG2, 111 Sunway Pyramid, No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (view map)Operation Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)Tel: +6012 3294 363 Website: 04 Satay Aroma, Sunway Geo Avenue Satay Kajang enthusiasts - this is the place to be! Aside from juicy satay, Satay Aroma screams “unique” with their distinguishable dishes, combining satay with the likes of a satay wrap and even a satay pizza! Buckle up for a wild ride as you’ll be amazed! Both juicy and filling, their satay is not to be missed!Photo Credit: Satay Aroma Address: HD Bistro, Level SG, Sunway Geo Avenue, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (view map)Operation Hours: 11am - 7pm Mondays to Tuedays; 11am - 9pm Wednesdays to SaturdaysTel: +6019 335 7357 05 Santan, Sunway Pyramid Missing the airplane vibes and craving for in-flight food and beverages? Let your taste buds take off at Air Asia’s Santan at Sunway Pyramid! Bringing the flavours of Asia under one roof, customers can now enjoy cuisines like Pak Nasser’s nasi lemak, nasi padang, kuih onde-onde and even soya bandung! Air-Asia's popular Pak Nasser’s nasi lemak has ‘landed’ at Sunway Pyramid!Photo Credit: Sunway Pyramid Onde-onde [...]

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7 Best Cafes for Your Weekend Brunch!

Whether for work or to unwind with friends, visiting a café should definitely be on your list any time of the day! Let us introduce you to the best cafés at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur for that much needed pick-me-up! 01 Christine’s Bakery - Sunway Geo Avenue There’s no better way to start the morning with fresh bagels at Christine’s Bakery! Their speciality from daily fresh baked bagels to pastries exude a delectable aroma to tantalise your tastebuds from miles away! Hole-ly Grail @ Christine’s Bakery Mr Baa Baa Introducing Mr Baa Baa, the game-changer in the bagel game! Photo Credit: The Food Bunny Malaysia The Hole-ly Meal: Mr Baa Baa is Christine’s Bakery signature dish! It is served with Grilled New Zealand lamb, mozzarella cheese, cranberry and blueberry jam, pickled cabbage as well as garden greens – providing you a balanced meal! The bagels also come in five variations - original, seeded, sea salt, pumpkin, cheese and walnut. There’s something for everyone! Address: B-02-01, Sunway Geo Avenue, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya (view map)Tel: +603 5612 9981Operation Hours: 8am to 8pm (daily)Website: 02 Madeleine Café - Sunway University/ Sunway Medical Centre A favourite among Sunway University students and staff, Madeleine Café offers a diverse range of dishes - from local delicacies to western cuisines! Signature Dish @ Madeleine Café Be sure to indulge in their selection of pastas when you visit!Photo Credit: IMKrou on Four Square If you’re craving for some pasta after a long day of studying, this is the place to be! From Aglio Olio to Classic Pesto pasta, the options are limitless. Indulge in good food and coffee amidst a relaxing outdoor environment at Madeleine Café - you deserve it! Freshly-baked croissants to sink your teeth in! Photo Credit: Eat Drink KL From croissants to delicious cakes, Madeleine provides different desserts to finish off on a high. The café can also be found at Sunway Medical Centre. It’s just that good! Sunway UniversityAddress: Blue Office, Inside Sunway University Campus(Next to Le Cordon, 5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya - view map).Tel: +603 5631 1397 (outlet); +603 7847 1290 (office)Operation Hours: Mondays to Fridays 7.30am to 5.30pm; Saturdays 7.30am to 2.30pm Sunway Medical CentreAddress: Level 2, Block B, Sunway Medical Centre, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (view map)Tel: +603 7847 1290 (office)Operation Hours: Mondays to Fridays 8.00am to 5.30pm; Saturdays 7.30am to 1.00pm. Website: 03 Don’t Yell At Me - Sunway Pyramid Originating from Taiwan, Don’t Yell At Me is a milk tea shop known for using real flowers in their teas. With their unique logo and relatable Chinese phrases on every cup they serve, this one is perfect for the ‘Gram! Signature Drink @ Don’t Yell at Me Black Sesame Milk Trust us, The Black Sesame milk tastes as good as it looks! Photo Credit: KL Foodie Not sure where to start? We’d recommend the Black Sesame milk! Its sweet and gritty texture is sure to keep you [...]

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Jollibee makes a buzz @ Sunway Pyramid!

With the mission to bring you joy, Jollibee opens its first restaurant in West Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid! Sunway City Kuala Lumpur is bringing the jolly taste of Jollibee from the Philippines to you! Malaysians can now experience a sumptuous new menu all the way from the other side of the pond. Fellow Filipinos on the other hand, can rejoice in nostalgic flavours right here at Sunway Pyramid! Originating from the Philippines, Jollibee is loved for its unique American-esque menu while staying true to its Filipino roots, for example, the Jolly Spaghetti is served with the country’s staple food - banana instead of the usual tomato ketchup! On the international front, Jollibee has been named one of the top fast-food chains by Thrillist and The Daily Meal. With over 300 international branches, the outlet at Sunway Pyramid will be their first in West Malaysia. What Should I Get? Not sure where to start? Let us guide you through their starter pack! 01 Chickenjoy You’ve got to try Chickenjoy for starters! As the pride and joy of Jollibee, tender pieces of chicken are hand-breaded with thin delicate coating and marinated to the bone for that next-level of crispiness and flavour! Typically ordered as a bucket meal back in the Philippines, Chickenjoy is perfect for families looking to spend their precious time together! Here are some of the bundles to get started: 5pc Bucket – RM 25.99 (à la carte), RM34.50 (set)9pc Bucket – RM45.30 (à la carte), RM53.80 (set)12pc Bucket – RM59.90 (à la carte), RM68.90 (set) Credit: Sunway PyramidOpt for Spicy Chickenjoy for that extra kick! 02 Jolly Spaghetti Jolly Spaghetti is served with unique Filipino banana ketchup, topped with chucky slices of beef sausage generously covered with cheese. A must-try for food adventurers looking to savour something unique! Available in both à la carte and set for RM6.50 and RM8.50 respectively! Credit: Sunway PyramidMouth-watering Jolly Spaghetti that will leave you wanting more! 03 Yumburger Jollibee’s Filipino spin of a hamburger, the Yumburger consists of a juicy beef-patty with special dressing on a fresh bun. Customers can opt for their Yumburger, with (RM9.50) or without cheese (RM8.60)! Looking to kill two birds with one stone? Order Cheesy Yumburger as a set with Jolly Spaghetti for only RM14.20! For spicy food lovers, keep your eyes peeled as Jollibee is expected to launch their Jollibee Spicy Chicken Sandwich real soon! Credit: Sunway PyramidOrder from a vast array of Jollibee’s menu, with friendly staff ready to serve! Credit: Sunway Pyramid Finish off on a high with Jollibee Sundae! Located at Level LG2 of Sunway Pyramid’s Blue Atrium, this renowned fast-food restaurant is open daily from 10am to 10pm. Our fellow Muslims will also be able to dine in with ease as the restaurant certified halal. As their tagline “Bida ang saya” – which translates to “your happiness comes first!” suggests, this is our promise to you when you visit Jollibee! Don’t wait any longer! Treat yourself to a Jolli-licious meal at Jollibee, Sunway [...]

Jollibee makes a buzz @ Sunway Pyramid!2022-02-17T14:33:42+08:00

Members-only: Double your rewards with Sunway Pals!

Sunway Pals turns your luxurious weekend retreat with your loved ones, a casual Sunday hangout with your buddies, a treat to indulge yourself with a cup of delicious coffee, and more, into exciting rewards and wonderful escapades.

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TIKI-LICIOUS SUNDAY BRUNCH UNLIMITED FEASTING, SERVED DIRECTLY TO YOUR TABLE Let’s celebrate reunion, friendships and blessings with The Resort Café’s Tiki-licious Sunday Brunch! An unlimited serving of cuisines from all around the world will be served directly to your table, amidst a festive, vibrant and fun Lūʻau inspired set-up including fun activities, all designed with your well-being in mind. Email us at [email protected] to reserve your seats today! Visit Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for more information. You might also enjoy these Also check out

TIKI-LICIOUS SUNDAY BRUNCH2020-07-28T09:16:17+08:00


UNITED BY FOOD The Resort Café is back and what better way to celebrate than to have a reunion of cuisines from all around the world. Have a lunch escapade and enjoy a gastronomic journey amidst a festive, vibrant and fun Lūʻau inspired set-up, with unique features designed for your well-being. Email us at [email protected] to reserve your seats today! Visit Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for more information. You might also enjoy these Also check out

UNITED BY FOOD2020-07-28T09:15:50+08:00