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Let’s Play

Let’s Play Rewriting the theme park playbook by providing a NEW kind of FUN, Sunway Lagoon is BACK… with the highest safety and health standards. LET’S PLAY this 4 July onwards! For more information visit Popular itineraries Also check out What’s happening? Check out events happening in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur!

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You don’t have to be soaking wet to have fun

Apache Pots The Apache Pots go round and round and round and round! A family having fun on the Apache Pots Wagon Wheel The Wagon Wheel beckons everyone of all ages to hop on an enjoy a breezy ride while enjoying the colourful surroundings of Sunway Lagoon! Wagon Wheel near the park entrance Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Amusement Park Also check out

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Jollies aplenty to keep your family entertained!

Carousel Remember when was your last ride on a carousel? Do the sights of brightly decorated circle, rotating platform with lights, paintings and animals come to mind? A carousel is the perfect first ride that parents could treat their children to! Give them an enjoyable experience and memories filled with vibrant and fun images and catchy tunes! Parents are accompanying their kids on the carousel. The merry-go-round contains a melting pot of animals such as horses, elephants and swans for your children to choose from as they get to ride on their favourite animal! Fun World For those who would rather have their feet planted on the ground, test your luck (or even skill) at Sunway Lagoon’s Fun World to stand a chance to win cool prizes from the game stalls Colourful games stalls await you at Fun World! Choose from Stick-A-Card, Ring Bottle targets and many more. Just head over to Fun World to keep your family entertained or bring the child out in you! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Amusement Park Also check out

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Leo Voyager Playground

Leo Voyager Playground Ahoy mateys! Hop on board the newly launched Leo Voyager at Sunway Pyramid to enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor playground experience! A sister helping her toddler sister swerve the swing rider.Capturing a photo makes the memories last longer. Credit by Sunway Pyramid As its name suggests, the playground resembles the hull of a ship offering a mini wonderland to excite the little ones. From swinging on monkey bars, sliding down spiral tubes, climbing on vertical ladders, fireman’s pole, spring riders to swinging on hammocks. Hop on board on a newly launched Leo Voyager playground resembling a ship. Credit by Sunway Pyramid This playground is located right next to Starbucks on LG1, where parents can rejuvenate sipping their favourite beverages while keeping an eye on their children. And if that’s not enough, parents can also bask in the panoramic view of Sunway Lagoon from the garden area! Credit by Sunway Pyramid The equipment is colourful, fairly new and is child-friendly which makes it an absolute winner for young families. The playground is also safe because of its close proximity to the shopping mall’s security personnel. All these for free! Experience it at Sunway Pyramid Other experiences in Sunway Pyramid Also check out

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The Parenthood

The Parenthood Queen’s Guards’ welcome visitors at the Parenthood entrance! Head over to the west side of Sunway Pyramid for a sweet weekend escapade for children at an indoor playground. The Parenthood is a one-stop parenting hub providing education and entertainment for family. This London street themed indoor playground provides various activities under one roof within a clean, safe and positive environment. Step into a mini London town offering attractions like a double-decker bus, the London Bridge, Clock Tower and famous bus stop complementing the ambience! The Parenthood playground game area includes 4 colourful high and low slides, a ball pit, a donut slide, a balance beam, mini swing and many more. Children get to run around, jump, climb and bounce to burn off all that youthful energy, in a confined and safe area. Balance beams are wrapped in soft foam to absorb impact should a children fall or bounces around, makes it safe for kids. Slide down a rainbow slide and land in a pool filled with colourful balls! Leisure activities available at the Parenthood include shopping for baby essentials and maternal necessities, toys from both local and international brands such as Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, Nerf, Play-Doh and Star Wars, games and stationery. Classes like kickboxing, dance class, gyms, arts and crafts also available for the little ones. They even cater for birthday parties with the theme of your choice. A Look Inside The Parenthood Gallery The play area is clean, with ample space at the waiting area for parents; ticket lasts for an entire day and re-entry is allowed. With a variety of restaurants just next door, you and your little ones can easily spend your time here. Kindly note that both children and adults must wear socks when roaming around The Parenthood area. It’s a great place for kids to have a great time, no matter the weather and time. Experience it at Sunway Pyramid Other experiences in Sunway Pyramid Also check out

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