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8 Characters that will Scare the Heck out of You at Nights of Fright 7

Spooky Season is Back at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur Calling all thrill seekers and horror freaks! Prepare for the fright of your life! Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright returns for the 7th year, and it’s not for the weak-spirited! Striking terror every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4 October to 3 November 2019, 7.30pm to 11.30pm, Nights of Fright 7 features 8 haunted houses, 1 haunted theatre, 2 scare zones, 11 thrilling rides and 2 show stages. Before entering the realm of fear, meet Valak and friends who will ‘greet’ and accompany you along the way! 01 Valak Beware! Valak is on the loose! It is super-strong with the ability to levitate and to take on the form of anyone and anything! Valak is set to torment everyone at the Nights of Fright 7 till early next month. Be extra careful! Valak was last seen as a as a nun in a painting (in The Conjuring 2, if you follow!). Something may be lurking behind you. Watch out! 02 Killer Rabbits Something weird is going on deep inside the Animalium mountain in the lagoon. Zombified animals have been spotted roaming around the alleys! They live like humans, with some strangely evil motives! These Killer Rabbits bring your nightmares to life! 03 Annabelle Remember to say hi to your ‘friendly’ doll, Annabelle. She’ll be waiting in a corner somewhere, waiting for you to turn up! Play with her if you dare but be very careful not to taunt her or look her in the eye… or you might not make it home that night! 04 Plague Doctors You may need more apples a day to keep Plague Doctors away! Donning bird beak masks, they are back again to taunt a local village into believing that the plague has returned. Are they here to save the village from the catastrophic bubonic plague or feed off the dead? 05 Werewolf Many moons ago, a werewolf was cast into deep slumber for terrorising villages and devouring young couples wandering through forests. Now, he’s back wreaking havoc with one mission: looking for his long lost love to lift the werewolf curse. RUN when you hear a spine-chilling howl! 06 Purgerer You can run but you can’t hide! No one is safe anymore! The Purgerer will be swinging from window to window with a bat looking for his victim! Fight if you dare or flee when you hear eerie evil crackles in the air! 07 Ghostface SCREAMMM if your phone rings incessantly! That may be Ghostface trying to terrorise you over phone! Don’t answer, instead, get ready to run! Watch your steps or you’ll be staring into this serial killer’s deadly blade! 08 Vampire Vampire has rose from deep slumber and on the prowl for a fang-tastic ‘meal’! Be careful not to fall for his blood-sucking schemes or be fooled by his charms! He may just suck the life out of you! Want to see more? Put your game faces on and brace yourself for the most outrageous, creepiest and intriguing haunted houses in town! It’s going to be [...]

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A Shark-Tastic Experience This School Holiday 2019

Sunway Lagoon launches World’s First Sharknado Movie Themed Attraction This August school holiday, dive in and be prepared for a jawsome experience as Sunway Lagoon unveils its latest attraction, Sharknado Alive! Based on a series of American disaster horror comedy science-fiction films released that fuses two of the most fearsome destructive natural forces on the planet into a single entity and calls upon a motley crew of survivors to save humanity, this new attraction is bound to be the most shark-tastic attraction that we’ve ever had! A Submerged Subway Look out, everyone! Brace yourselves for a harrowing journey through a maze-like attraction that will feature sights and sounds of sharks in tornadoes. This is definitely something out of the norm! Sharknado Test Tunnel in 3D Sharknado Alive! marks one of the most unique themed attraction at Scream Park. Among the highlights of this latest attraction is the interaction between visitors and a cast of live actors who play seasoned ‘weather girl’, ‘victims’ and of course, sharks! The Green Screen Sharknado The attraction occupies the entire top level of Scream Park and takes visitors through a 15-minute harrowing journey through locations based on some of the scenes from the movie. The Asylum Studios Sunway Lagoon continues its successful partnership with Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, adding Sharknado Alive! to a long list of popular blockbuster themed attractions previously present inside Scream Park including Ghostbusters Adventure Live!, Terminator, Night at The Museum, Prison Break LIVE! and World War Z. The White House A Look Inside the Sharknado Alive Fin's BarAn Insta worthy photo shot with this Jawsome backgroundSharknado merchandise store Sharknado Alive! at Lynton V. Harris Scream Park opens 10th August 2019. The opening hours will be from 11:00am to 6:00pm daily. Visit Sunway Lagoon and enjoy its latest adventure along with over 90 rides and attractions at RM202 for those aged 12 years and above, and RM170 for those below the age of 11 years. Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 000 or visit Sunway Lagoon’s website at www.sunwaylagoon.com. Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Scream Park Also check out

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Fear lives here at Malaysia’s biggest festival of fear

Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, September 2019 – It’s time to face the darkness that lives within as Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright returns for the seventh year. From 4th October until 3rd November, Nights of Fright 7 (NOF7) will feature 8 haunted houses, 1 haunted theatre, 2 scare zones, 11 thrilling rides and 2 show stages. Known to many as Malaysia’s biggest and scariest festival, the event will play host to a horde of ghosts, ghouls, and sinister creatures (including sharks!) and unveils the most outrageous, creepy, terrifying haunted houses in the nation. Be prepared as you enter the World’s First Sharknado walkthrough themed attraction, SHARKNADO ALIVE! The most absurd attraction ever made, Sharknado Alive! is set on the Hollywood soundstage of Asylum Studios Hollywood so you can explore the craziest horror/comedy movies ever made featuring sharks in tornadoes! Last seen in the times of the catastrophic bubonic plague, Plague Doctors have reappeared to taunt a local village into believing that the plague has returned. These strange characters, with bird-like beak masks, wander the outskirts of the village seeking to save – but are they helping…or simply feeding off of death? You be the judge – you can always trust the doctor, but beware THE PLAGUE! Imagine if your creepiest nightmares came to life! Combining a drop of spooky, a pinch of strange, and a big bit of scary, ANIMALIUM houses these “zombified” animals that live strangely like humans deep inside a mountain in the lagoon. Remember the horror movies SAW, and Wolf Creek? Neither do we – we had our eyes closed all the time too! Inspired by these movies, BLOOD.SHED. takes its visitors through a remote and long-abandoned cluster of sheds, where it is believed many young tourists were captured, tortured, and left to die – the only remains are the remnants of the horror, and the bloodshed. You have been warned to stay away! Step inside the HOTEL dEVILle and you may never leave! Long abandoned, and a shadow of its former glory; the rooms in this hotel have some very scary guests who have outstayed their welcome! It is a slaughterhouse of evil – the scariest place on earth. Make sure you do not become a permanent residence here too because fear does live here! Welcome to HORRORJUKU IN UV3D, the ANGOSCIA fashion house - the scene for models, mayhem and murder! It is said that the famed Italian designer, Giorgio Angoscia, moved to Tokyo’s Harajuku district to design the most beautiful Gothic styles. One by one, however, models started disappearing after modelling for Angoscia, never to be seen again! The horror continues as the mannequins carry their lifeless souls in a haunting palace of beauty. Beware the evil that lies behind these doors at HOUSE OF VOODOO. Based on the origins of voodoo in New Orleans, Marie Laveau housed a collection of the spookiest and scariest talismans and totems. A museum of witchcraft, candles and candelabras, this place of sinister worship awaits your soul! Spend [...]

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