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Malaysia’s first ever ice rink

Sunway Pyramid Ice Since opening its doors in 1997, Sunway Pyramid Ice has become a popular recreational destination in Malaysia, attracting roughly 15,000 skaters each month. But that’s not all, its sprawling ice rink also boasts a spectacular view thanks to its sleek modern design and strategic location, giving shoppers an open view of the ring from each of the mall’s five floors. It has also played host to many prestigious tournaments and events since 1999. These include Skate Asia (1999, 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016) and the renowned World Ice Hockey 5 tournament (2001, 2002 and 2005). Sunway Pyramid Ice has organised Skate Malaysia since 2004. Sunway Pyramid Ice is also known for grooming thousands of talented ice skaters, including Malaysia’s first Winter Olympian, figure skater Julian Yee, 22, who first learnt to skate at this rink at the age of five. Whether you are young or old, an ice skating enthusiast or a first-timer, there is something for everyone at Sunway Pyramid Ice. Find out how to experience some icy cool fun at Sunway Pyramid Ice here: https://www.sunwaypyramidice.com/ https://youtu.be/D0JRXgzwpkc Come and skate! Experience it at Sunway Pyramid Other experiences in Sunway Pyramid Also check out

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Put your Archery skills to the test

Stars Archery Ever wanted to be Robin Hood?  Here’s your chance to live out that dream! Let our trained instructors at Stars Archery guide you through your sessions until you hit that bulls eye! Archery equipment and safety gear rental are included in all game packages. Price ranges from RM15 for 18 arrows to RM102 for 150 arrows. There are also special rates for students. Remember to bring your student ID to enjoy the discounts! A row of archery lanes that can cater many players at a time Stars Archery also offers traditional bamboo arrows with handmade bows and blow pipes(or ‘sumpit’ in Malay),  used during the olden days. The blow pipe is a traditional weapon used by the Orang Asli, or ingenious tribe for hunting and in open combats. NOTE: good to have a picture of the sumpit here. TQ Feel like Hawkeye as you hit the bull’s-eye. Enjoy great deals when you sign up as a member. You will receive archery game vouchers which are redeemable on the spot and transferable to your family and friends, your very own safety gear comprising gloves and arm guard, exclusive Stars Archery merchandise and more! Get a hands-on experience to familiarise yourself with a bow and arrow before you nock and draw! Experience it at Sunway Pyramid Other experiences in Sunway Pyramid Also check out

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Leo Voyager Playground

Leo Voyager Playground Ahoy mateys! Hop on board the newly launched Leo Voyager at Sunway Pyramid to enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor playground experience! A sister helping her toddler sister swerve the swing rider.Capturing a photo makes the memories last longer. Credit by Sunway Pyramid As its name suggests, the playground resembles the hull of a ship offering a mini wonderland to excite the little ones. From swinging on monkey bars, sliding down spiral tubes, climbing on vertical ladders, fireman’s pole, spring riders to swinging on hammocks. Hop on board on a newly launched Leo Voyager playground resembling a ship. Credit by Sunway Pyramid This playground is located right next to Starbucks on LG1, where parents can rejuvenate sipping their favourite beverages while keeping an eye on their children. And if that’s not enough, parents can also bask in the panoramic view of Sunway Lagoon from the garden area! Credit by Sunway Pyramid The equipment is colourful, fairly new and is child-friendly which makes it an absolute winner for young families. The playground is also safe because of its close proximity to the shopping mall’s security personnel. All these for free! Experience it at Sunway Pyramid Other experiences in Sunway Pyramid Also check out

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Galactic Laser: Guide to Battle

Galactic Laser Experience the ultimate earthly galactic moment at Galactic Laser, Sunway Pyramid Mall where your sci-fi fantasy becomes a reality! Buckle up your armour vest and hold on tight to your phaser, take a deep breath and exhale adventure with your family and friends! By stepping into the astral arena filled with indoor fogs, dim lighting and laser strobes, you will feel the heart-pumping ambience of a galactic laser battleground. Thus, here are a few tips for you to survive one of Malaysia’s longest and largest running laser tag, Galactic Laser. Laser light beams at Galactic Laser. 01 Always….. ALWAYS watch your back! Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Remember to always watch your six while combating ‘villains’ in the galactic arena. You’ll never know who’s gonna creep up on you! 02 Take cover trooper! Things are going to be intense in this galactic battlefield, so be sure to find a safe spot and take cover! Double check your surroundings, and be vigilant at all times. This may be one of the simplest yet significant rules to be the last person standing in this battle. 03 Master the art of war photo credits: R.AGE In the quest for survival, remember these 3 rules: run, hide and hunt! Expect to hunt in the dark while avoiding being tagged. Activate your laser tag phase to ‘kill’ an opponent!  Once your opponent is tagged, his/her vest will change colour to indicate defeat! 04 Strategise with your team! All dressed up for battle! Galactic laser is equipped with the latest technology ensuring everyone has a a blast while playing. Come prepared with a strategy to stand against your opponents and get ready to have FUN! Experience it at Sunway Pyramid Other experiences in Sunway Pyramid Also check out

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The Parenthood

The Parenthood Queen’s Guards’ welcome visitors at the Parenthood entrance! Head over to the west side of Sunway Pyramid for a sweet weekend escapade for children at an indoor playground. The Parenthood is a one-stop parenting hub providing education and entertainment for family. This London street themed indoor playground provides various activities under one roof within a clean, safe and positive environment. Step into a mini London town offering attractions like a double-decker bus, the London Bridge, Clock Tower and famous bus stop complementing the ambience! The Parenthood playground game area includes 4 colourful high and low slides, a ball pit, a donut slide, a balance beam, mini swing and many more. Children get to run around, jump, climb and bounce to burn off all that youthful energy, in a confined and safe area. Balance beams are wrapped in soft foam to absorb impact should a children fall or bounces around, makes it safe for kids. Slide down a rainbow slide and land in a pool filled with colourful balls! Leisure activities available at the Parenthood include shopping for baby essentials and maternal necessities, toys from both local and international brands such as Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, Nerf, Play-Doh and Star Wars, games and stationery. Classes like kickboxing, dance class, gyms, arts and crafts also available for the little ones. They even cater for birthday parties with the theme of your choice. A Look Inside The Parenthood Gallery The play area is clean, with ample space at the waiting area for parents; ticket lasts for an entire day and re-entry is allowed. With a variety of restaurants just next door, you and your little ones can easily spend your time here. Kindly note that both children and adults must wear socks when roaming around The Parenthood area. It’s a great place for kids to have a great time, no matter the weather and time. Experience it at Sunway Pyramid Other experiences in Sunway Pyramid Also check out

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