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A Surf beach in the city?

Surf Beach In dire need of some Vitamin ‘Sea’? Catch some at the largest man-made wave at the Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon! Set in the middle of a hustling city centre, it’s the perfect getaway for family and friends! Fun at Surf Beach! This man-made surf beach has everything a beach vacation has to offer. From body boarding, surfing, swimming, building sandcastles to playing beach volleyball. Fun on the sand and in the sun! Our friendly lifeguards are ever ready to help you capture those precious moments. Different facades of the Surf Beach Nursing room near the surf beach Stretching over 13,000 square meters, the Surf Beach is capable of churning out perfectly shaped waves up to a maximum height of eight-feet. This unique ability to condition the waves according to the needs of the surfers in terms of height, time and wave patterns make Surf Beach a surfer’s paradise for both professional and aspiring surfers. Surf boards are available for rent at the main desk. Only 12 surfers can surf at any one time. Call to make a reservation at the surf beach. Surfing hours are from 6.15pm to 7.00pm. Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Waves of fun

Wave Pool Gear up with your floating tubes, goggles, kickboards and swim caps and head to the most iconic wave pool in Malaysia. It is a water haven for the old and young to splash around! Splish, splash and we’re having a blast! Kick start your fun-tastic pool party by enjoying our park’s vast performances! It’s the perfect family venue to appreciate the picturesque view of Sunway Resort that comprises Sunway Pyramid and the most prominent water slide in Sunway Lagoon, the Vuvuzela! Lifeguards can be found around the wave pool for the safety of our visitors. Food outlets are also available for those who wish to fuel up! Must Visits at the Water Theme Park Enjoying our family friendly parkRight in front of Sunway ResortRest areaMalawi in front of wave pool Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Going wild in the waters of Africa!

African Pythons Plunge down the African Pythons water slides for a cool escape from our hot, tropical weather on a tube for two! It’s perfect for you and your loved ones to have some fun in the water and create beautiful memories together. Splish-splash at the African Python water slide! Screams of excitement and laughter at common sounds at this ride! Cameroon Climb Arriving with a bunch of friends? Why not make your way to Cameroon Climb located just next to African Pythons! Four persons can slide down the bumpy high speed slides at one go! Psssttt..Quick Xpress Lane is available too! Hold on tight! Happy faces at happy places! Congo Challenge Looking for something to satisfy your competitive spirit? The Congo Challenge beckons! This is the perfect water slide to kick-start a fun and wet adventure! This six-lane water slide allows you to race downhill while laying on your mats! Quack Xpress lane is available to skip the queue! Note: 1.1 metres minimum height requirement for this ride Battle of the Congo Water Slide Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Malaysia’s first Surf Simulator

Flow Rider Flaunt your surfing skills at the first and only outdoor surfing simulator in Malaysia! The ride generates about 200,000 litres per minute of water over a membrane surface and is operated by high-volume pumps. The simulator is akin to the real thing that it’s perfect for professional riders to slide up and down the wave surface, make flips and turns and do numerous stunts. It’s also great for those wanting to try surfboarding for the first time as our trained instructors will be there to guide you. Ready, steady… go! Riders may try two methods of surfing: body board and flow board. Bodyboarding on the surfboard Unlike sea surfing, riders may feel safer at the contained area at Flow Rider especially under watchful eyes of our instructors. Beware! Strong waves are a norm here! Woo hoo! The joy of conquering a wave! Located near the Surf Beach, each surfer will be given two continuous tries and each ride will last for 45 seconds. The minimum height requirement for this ride is 1.4 metre. Casual wear (jeans, attire with button or zips) are not allowed while riding this game. Proper attire will be required. Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Relax your mind and sway along the river

Zambezi River and Victoria Fall Escape from the scorching heat by hopping on a tube float and glide along the all-new Zambezi River! Be serenaded by the sound of African drums as you float past the neon painted walls. Did you know? The Zambezi is the fourth longest river in Africa, after the Nile, Congo, and Niger Rivers. The illuminated neon painted wall. Choose from a single tube or a pair tube and enjoy the stretch of calm river with your dear ones. You will pass by different water parks, comprising Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba and Kalahari Kids when going around the Zambezi River circuit. Chill on a float and let the river guide you. Watch out for geyser water spray and the tipping buckets! Splish splash! On the edge of the river lies a replica of the Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. Relax in the company of family and friends and prepare for a wet ride through the Victoria Falls! You can always hop off from your float and enjoy the waterfall. Gliding along the river circuit is indeed one of the best ways to beat the tropical heat and to cool yourself down! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Beat the tropical heat in Malaysia with Lagoon’s Giant bucket!

Giant Tipping Bucket An all-time favourite of many families! Eager anticipation turns to excitement when the giant bucket tips off gallons of water, soaking everyone beneath it! A delightful way to cool off from a typically hot day! Get ready to be soaked by a giant bucket tip-off! The giant bucket is a favourite for both adults and children! Side view of the giant tipping bucket So beat the tropical heat in Malaysia by heading over to the Wave Pool for a splashing cool time! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Let the kids loose in the interactive water playground

Little Zimbabwe and Lake Kariba Inspired by the actual lake that lies along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, our African themed water park is catered to younglings who want to enjoy less extreme water slides. Various interactive water playgrounds available at little Zimbabwe for the little ones. The interactive playground features an African village complete with huts and warriors guarding the entrance. Multiple vibrant coloured slides are also available for the little ones to enjoy! The space also allows for a game of water volleyball. Volleyball fun at Lake Kariba! This toddler-friendly park comes without any height restrictions, so all are welcomed! A family that plays together, stays together! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Behold the world’s highest, largest and most thrilling water ride!

Vuvuzela Measuring 11 storeys high, the ride will launch you into turbulent twists and turns, before you dive into the belly of the Vuvuzela! Not only is Vuvuzela the biggest and tallest slide in the world, it is also the most prominent and eye-catching structure at Sunway Lagoon! Significant in size, you can even see this unique attraction from certain points surrounding the park and at from the link bridge at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa towards Sunway Pyramid Mall. View of the Vuvuzela from the Wave Pool. First, visitors will need to climb eleven stories above ground to the start point of the ride. The climb is absolutely worth it! Visitors are required to get into a rubber raft tube (fits four to six persons at a time) where a thrilling adventure begins by taking them through swift turns 30 meters above the ground, before dropping them into a giant funnel! Gear up for the most thrilling and biggest slide in the world! View from inside the syphon of the Vuvuzela. Brace yourself! The ride doesn’t end there! You raft will glide from left to right at the lip of the funne before coming to a stop!  So get ready to scream your lungs out amidst splashing fun! Definitely a ride you wouldn’t want to miss! Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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Enjoy a cinematic experience like no other at Sunway Lagoon!

Waterplexx 5D Get ready to bring all your senses to life with the Waterplexx 5D! (minimum height required:  1.1metres) View of the cinematic experience with 3D glasses on. Be sure to get your pair of 3D glasses at the entrance to fully optimise the 5D experience. The exhilarating animation will engage all your senses: sight, sound and touch. Chairs will also vibrate with full force to further amplify the illusion of falling or avoiding obstacles based on the ocean sensation animation! The fetching entrance of Waterplexx 5D. Don’t be alarmed if you sense a bit of moisture, as seats are meant to be saturated with real water as part of the overall extravaganza! Quack Xpress Lane is available for this highly recommended thrilling ride. Experience it at Sunway Lagoon Other experiences in Water Park Also check out

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