We got CHU!

We care about you. So here are some amenities from Sunway Pyramid for budding families.

We have sorted out some of the amenities and facilities you could possibly need for a safe, convenient, and enjoyable trip for you and your little ones here in Sunway Pyramid. Here are what we have prepared for you….


Family Parking Spots

Family parking spots are now introduced and available at Basement 1 in Sunway Pyramid carpark.

A well-lit family parking area is available for families with strollers and young children! The family parking area is in close proximity to the mall entrances and lifts which will help ease convenience for mummies, daddies or guardians who are travelling alone with young children.


Child Wristband

Parents want to shop in peace knowing that their kids are safe. If you have an active toddler who loves to go on a stroll with you, do consider getting your child a wristband. The Child Wristband allows kids to roam freely within the radius of your supervision giving your toddler and you a great bonding time together.

Active toddlers could also jalan-jalan with you now


Baby Stroller

Single and Double Baby Strollers available to ease your shopping experience

Shopping can be a tiring activity. Let your children have a break with baby strollers, double strollers or toddler wheelers, all available for loan at any Concierge located at G Floor(Main Concierge) and LG2 (Marrakesh Concierge).


Emergency Contact Tattoo

The Emergency Contact Tattoos are free and can be obtained from the G Floor Main Concierge and LG2 Concierge.

Shopping malls can be pretty packed with families and holiday-goers especially during weekends and year-end-holidays. The emergency contact tattoo is a available in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in case children wander away from their parents in the mall. In the event that your child wanders away in the mall, the emergency contact number on the tattoo can be used to get help from the mall’s Concierge staff or Auxiliary Police.

Temporary tattoos can be customised with parents’ contact numbers and are easily applied with a damp cloth or sponge

The emergency contact tattoo does not stain on skin and can be easily removed with baby oil, wet wipes, or hand sanitiser.


Baby Room Amenities

Our Baby Room consist of huge spaces with modern amenities.

Come visit our newly refreshed baby rooms featuring educational wall toys, 3 nursing rooms, a child-friendly toilet, new multi-functional benches and diaper changing stations. Enjoy toiletries, sanitary product, water dispenser with both hot and cold temperature and air purifier.

Complete Amenities in our baby rooms – toiletries courtesy of Pigeon, sanitary products from Kimberly-Clark and a hot and cold water dispenser and air purifier from Cuckoo

Locate the refreshed baby rooms at LG1 and LG2 (Red Zone)! Our other baby rooms can also be found on LG2, LG1 Orange Zone and G Floor Red Zone.

Diaper Changing Stations completed with sanitary products and extra compartments for you to put your bags

Nursing scarf

The usage of these amenities are free. However, a refundable deposit is required for the amenities.

  • Baby Stroller – RM 50
  • Tandem Stroller (Double Stroller) – RM 100
  • Power Bank – RM 50
  • Nursing Scarf – RM 50
  • Milk Warmer – RM 50
  • Wristlink – RM 50
  • Sewing Kit – FOC (Must return after use)
  • Ladies Emergency Kit – FOC
  • Baby Diaper – FOC
  • Adult Diaper – FOC
  • Wristband (for kids / elderly) – FOC
  • Emergency Contact Tattoo – FOC

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