The Kubarango will leave you breathless with its steep drops. Get ready to be taken on a near vertical experience filled with a moment of weightlessness.

Slide down for a surprisingly good time!
Phew, we made it out alive! What an unforgettable ride.

Following the plunge from the apex, riders continue into a reversed free-fall encounter. Hold on to your rafts because this is an exhilarating ride you wouldn’t want to miss!

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Jungle Fury

The Jungle Fury is a calmer and gentle hill ride compared to Kubarango. But don’t be fooled! This ride will still take you, your family and friends over the edge with its twisting turns and unexpected drops. The round tube floats can carry up to four people.

The twists and turns on The Jungle Fury ride.
The unexpected water splash helps slow down motion upon the finale of the ride.

Its moderate twist and turns, with no steep drops makes it accessible to kids as well.

Upon completion, just stack your boat behind the cue, and a machine will carry it back up.

Highly recommend for those who are looking for an escapade with their family and friends!

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Sunway Lagoon

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