Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned roller coaster ride?! This is one of the first rides you’ll stumble upon as you enter the main entrance of Sunway Lagoon! Get your heart pumping by hopping on the Lost City of Gold Scream Roller Coaster!

Kick-start your lagoon adventure on a roller coaster!
Life is like a roller coaster – buckle up and just enjoy the ride!

This roller coaster offers the perfect dosage to excite and kick start your theme park adventure. The 1 minute and 45 seconds will carry passengers up, down and twirl around in fast motion. Some parts of the ride will bring riders into totally dark tunnels to add to the adrenaline rush!

Who’s ready for an adventure? Hands up!

Note: 1.4 metres height requirement for this ride. Xpress Lane is available for those who can’t wait to hop on!

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Sunway Lagoon

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