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All iflix viewers in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand can now catch The Amazing Sunway City Challenge on iflixFREE and iflixVIP!

This 5-episode reality series, which has garnered more than 15 million views across Asia, is the first of its kind that features Asia’s hottest social media superstars.

The Amazing Sunway City Challenge is an original production by Sunway to promote  as the region’s premier tourist destination aligned with the nation’s tourism ambition. But, that is something we already know, right?

“Our commitment remains to offer and deliver our customers the most compelling collection of premium content, specifically for the younger demographic. Sunway’s boundary-pushing venture into original programming featuring the region’s most celebrated social influencers is a welcomed addition to iflix’s ever-growing free short form offering for the mobile-first generation.” said Craig Galvin, iflix Global Head of Content.

(Left to right) Yuen Chee Meng, Sunway Group Brand Marketing and Communications Asst. General Manager; Craig Galvin, iflix Global Head of Content and Jane Poh, Sunway Group Brand Marketing and Communications Senior General Manager.

Let’s have a quick look at the contestants!

Jenn Chia

A self-taught videographer with a quirky and fun persona, Jenn is the host for the show. (IG: @soimjenn)

Malaysia’s exceptionally funny and multi-talented Jenn Chia hosting the show.


Hong Young Gee (South Korea)

Born in Seoul, this 26 years old Korean sweetheart dreams to one day have her own online store. (IG: @kisy0729)

Young Gee while completing one of the challenges at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.


Gong Yi (China)

Hailing from China, Gong Yi has over 88.5 followers in her instagram account. An avid traveller, her experience in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur is something she said she will never forget. (IG: @june_gong)


Michelle Joan (Indonesia)

Nominated for SCTV’s Best Supporting Actress award for the year 2014 and 2015, Michelle is also an entrepreneur, a model, and a TV Presenter. (IG: @michellejoan_)


Ironbull (Taiwan)

Goes by the name of @ironbullim in his Instagram handle, this larger than life figure is a gamer, a host, and has over 70,000 social followers.

(Left to right) Gong Yi, Michelle Joan, Ironbull, Jaa Suzuran and SorDor Style upon receiving their first task.


Jaa Suzuran (Malaysia)

A former radio announcer, this Kelantanese instagrammer with 1.2 million followers is also the star for the movie Autumn in Wales which will be aired by end of this year. (IG: @jaasuzuran)


SorDor Style (Thailand)

Graduated from Mahidol University, Sordor Style, or her real name Pimlada Wawtaisong, is Thai’s famous influencer. (IG: pimlar_daiiyy)

(Left to right) Gong Yi, RJ Abhinav, Jaa, Michelle, Hadia Ghaleb and Jenn Chia at Sunway Lagoon.


RJ Abhinav (India)

This talented magician works for India’s most popular radio station and is famous for his TikTok quirks. (IG: rjabhinavv)


Hadia Ghaleb (United Arab Emirates)

The tallest female celebrity in our show, Hadia Ghaleb has more than 1.5 million followers on instagram, is a Harvard speaker and has her own show on E! (IG: @hadiaghaleb)

(Left to right) Medyo Maldito, Ironbull, Matthew and Jaa at Sunway Pyramid Ice.


Medyo Maldito (Philippines)

Medyo or his real name, Rowell “Roy” Ucat from Bukidnon has now over 4 million followers on Facebook, IG, Twitter, and Youtube! (IG: @medyomaldito)


Matthew Stewart (Singapore)

Matthew is an eSports commentator for Garena and an actor for YouTube channel Wah! Banana. (IG: @maxzzie)

Battling across Malaysia’s premier tourist destination to be crowned the champion

The superstars are separated into teams, working together for the first time as they set out on daunting challenges.

Stay glued as they make their way out of a haunted house, ride on a 360 rotating ship and catapult away on one of the fastest slingshot rides in Asia, put to test zipping through the flying fox and free falling on Malaysia’s first Bungee Jump at Sunway Lagoon, glide over Sunway Pyramid Ice and complete a life-size Tetris at Sunway University!

Only one person will emerge as the champion of The Amazing Sunway City Challenge! Will clashing personalities get in the way of the superstars working together?

Go on iflix and check out how did they fare in it. We challenge you!

You will also discover the most insta-worthy spots in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur you never knew existed!

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