Spin yourself dizzy on our well-known high-speed rotating rides. The Tomahawk ride is named after the infamous hand weapons where passengers will sit in a rolled cage, as the tomahawk axes swing across each other powered by motored wheels.

This blood pumping ride will leave you hanging upside down on air for a few seconds (which feels like forever, really), leaving you breathless and gasping for air. You’re going to want to hold on to your harness as you spin 360 degrees in fast motion.

Pirate’s Revenge

The next ride may look similar to the Tomahawk, but it’s a completely different scenario. The Viking ship look-a-like ride uses acceleration like a pendulum as it swings slowly to gain speed before it swings faster and higher.

A view of Pirate’s Revenge ship stopping mid-air.

This pirate’s revenge ship will swing 24 metres above ground! Scream your lungs out as the ship stops mid-air as you dangle upside down. Both ride requires passengers to be at least 1.4metre in height.

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