Measuring 11 storeys high, the ride will launch you into turbulent twists and turns, before you dive into the belly of the Vuvuzela! Not only is Vuvuzela the biggest and tallest slide in the world, it is also the most prominent and eye-catching structure at Sunway Lagoon!

Significant in size, you can even see this unique attraction from certain points surrounding the park and at from the link bridge at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa towards Sunway Pyramid Mall.

View of the Vuvuzela from the Wave Pool.

First, visitors will need to climb eleven stories above ground to the start point of the ride. The climb is absolutely worth it! Visitors are required to get into a rubber raft tube (fits four to six persons at a time) where a thrilling adventure begins by taking them through swift turns 30 meters above the ground, before dropping them into a giant funnel!

Gear up for the most thrilling and biggest slide in the world!
View from inside the syphon of the Vuvuzela.

Brace yourself! The ride doesn’t end there! You raft will glide from left to right at the lip of the funne before coming to a stop!  So get ready to scream your lungs out amidst splashing fun! Definitely a ride you wouldn’t want to miss!

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