Waterplexx 5D

Get ready to bring all your senses to life with the Waterplexx 5D! (minimum height required:  1.1metres)

View of the cinematic experience with 3D glasses on.

Be sure to get your pair of 3D glasses at the entrance to fully optimise the 5D experience. The exhilarating animation will engage all your senses: sight, sound and touch. Chairs will also vibrate with full force to further amplify the illusion of falling or avoiding obstacles based on the ocean sensation animation!

The fetching entrance of Waterplexx 5D.

Don’t be alarmed if you sense a bit of moisture, as seats are meant to be saturated with real water as part of the overall extravaganza! Quack Xpress Lane is available for this highly recommended thrilling ride.

Experience it at

Sunway Lagoon

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