Remember when was your last ride on a carousel? Do the sights of brightly decorated circle, rotating platform with lights, paintings and animals come to mind?

A carousel is the perfect first ride that parents could treat their children to! Give them an enjoyable experience and memories filled with vibrant and fun images and catchy tunes!

Parents are accompanying their kids on the carousel.

The merry-go-round contains a melting pot of animals such as horses, elephants and swans for your children to choose from as they get to ride on their favourite animal!

Fun World

For those who would rather have their feet planted on the ground, test your luck (or even skill) at Sunway Lagoon’s Fun World to stand a chance to win cool prizes from the game stalls

Colourful games stalls await you at Fun World!

Choose from Stick-A-Card, Ring Bottle targets and many more. Just head over to Fun World to keep your family entertained or bring the child out in you!

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